Staff Transpositions in Italian

My apologies if this has been addressed 1,000 times before, but…

What’s the simplest way to change the transpositions to Italian, as in Clarinetto in Si-b, and Corno in Fa and so on.

Thanks for the help!

You can change the language used for instruments - as per the note on that page, this doesn’t automatically update any existing instruments in the project, but if you reset their names they should pick up the new language setting.

Hi Lillie, Thanks for answering, but that’s not what I’m asking. I need both names and transpositions in Italian. And the transpositions are still in English as in B-flat instead of Si-flat. There has to be a good way to do this, right? Thanks for the help.

Ah yes - in that case I don’t think there’s an automatic way of rendering that yet, although it’s on the team’s radar.

For now, you can hide the transpositions and instead enter them manually as you want them to appear as part of the instrument name.

Hi Lillie, Ok I gather that that’s what I need to do, but how? How exactly is that best accomplished with the (flat symbols!) and appearing properly in both score and parts? I’ve been at it and it is absurdly frustrating. I have it so that it appears in the score with the SMUFL flat glyph copied in lengthy working around the program and yet that glyph doesn’t appear in the part (the flat sign disappears), so what’s the work-around procedure to get it to be Si-{flat} in both score and parts? I’m sure many users have dealt with this as it is a rather common need. Would like to know the best procedure for getting it done that isn’t hours. Thanks for the continued help and support.

My understanding is that version 4 should provide this kind of translation correctly. In the meantime, you must use the Edit instrument name window. There, you must put the automatic transposition display to Never, and input manually in the name the transposition you want to see in the score (or parts). The flat sign is unicode 466D (by memory). If you don’t know how to input unicode, search the forum or the internet, or ask here😉

Thanks Marc, I did manage it this morning, though it was cumbersome. My bottleneck was the part names, but also solved.

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