{@staffLabelsFull@} seems to ignore text formatting

I’m using the {@staffLabelsFull@} token on the page template for my transposing parts, but no matter what I do to the text formatting in the template, it always shows regular text @ 12pt in the actual part. All the other tokens I’m using seem to work just fine with formatting.

Is it possible you made the change only on the left-hand page, but the token appears on the right-hand page?

No, I copied it to both sides of the template. If I swap it out with a different token, it works fine. It seems to just be the stafflabelsfull token that is problematic. I should also note that it looks like it is working while editing the page template. However after you apply the template and go back to the actual part is when you see the formatting didn’t work.

Staff Labels use the Layout name Paragraph Style. If you edit this in Library > Paragraph Styles, the effect should take place. If you want the formatting different from other Layout name labels, then you can create a new Paragraph Style with the parameters you want and assign that Style in the Text formatting box.

Not sure why a local edit doesn’t override this. Like you said it usually does.

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Thanks again, Craig. I created a new paragraph style and that did the trick. I really appreciate the help!

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