Stage Template Feature

Congrats to the Dorico team! WELL worth the $100.00 upgrade-and the wait :hugs: I especially like the Stage Template addition and the Pitch Contour features-both important for more realistic audio renderings of a published score. It takes time to try and tweak placements-without the depth of field-using the mixer; the presets are very nice-and flexible enough for tweaking to our hearts content. Any possibility in the future that this feature will work with libraries other than the default HSO + GASE (Pro)-like Noteperformer and NPPE?

Great job, all! Thank You!!

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You can use space and stage templates with any library – even with NotePerformer if you wish, but there’s generally no need for this because both its own sounds and the libraries you use with NPPE are pre-panned and furthermore recorded in specific halls with their own ambience. There’s nothing to stop you trying it out, however, if you want to.

The problem is that we can’t easily know where the sounds “come from” in the stereo field (without doing real-time analysis of the output signals from the plug-ins and then re-panning them, which would be computationally expensive and perhaps not always produce perfect results), so applying the settings in the Live Stage sensibly to arbitrary sounds would be difficult.

Thanks. An interesting point I did not consider. I am quite happy with Dorico 5. Thanks to all of you!

I must say, I’m VERY pleased with the new Stage Template feature. I really like my Synchron Prime VST library, but their playback template for Dorico has everything centered in the mixer. Add the orchestral Stage Template, however, and voila!-very nice placement of the instruments :grinning:

Thank you, Dorico team!