Stage Template from current setup?

Hey all,

is it possible to create a stage template from the currently used players?


Yes, that’s what the Save as Stage Template button in the Live Stage window is for.

Is it possible to load it in another place than a playback template? Let’s say I already have tweaked my vstis and don’t want to change it all again, how can I recall such settings?

Ah, I hadn’t even seen that window yet, I need to play around with this some more… :+1: :wink:

Yes, you can apply another stage template without applying a playback template via Play > Stage Template.

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Great. Thanks! That feature is a quite long awaited and time-saving feature I appreciate very much!
(Pardon my question, I would have thought this “load Spaces setting” could be accessible in the same window Save settings is, i.e. through the mixer, pressing the Spaces icon, but couldn’t find it there. I didn’t look for it in the menu)