Stage template has no hearable effect (solved)

I’m trying to set up a stage template for a sextet:

(note that the extreme positions are just for “test purposes”)

  1. I’ve activated this template:

  2. In my expression map I have the stage template enabled:

  3. And in the play window I’ve set this expression map on my horns:

  4. I’m using the Vhorns plugin. I have put all Vhorns instruments in the middle to exclude any cumulative effect that there possibly might be.

After doing all this I still hear these instruments in the middle (i.e. the position applied in Vhorns itself). Given the extreme positions I would expect to hear a noticeable difference, almost like a panning left/right.

Could it be that the Vhorns plugin doesn’t “listen” to the positional information given by Dorico and only applies its own positioning? Or is there something I’m not doing right in Dorico?

According to this video I should see the effect of my stage template on the pannings here (regardless of any plugin):

But as you can see nothing has changed here.

What is going wrong?

What is also different from the instruction video:

  • when i click the “stage template” icon in the mixer I get a full screen popup (not small popup as in the video)

  • also I cannot drag any item from the center to another position

Found the solution…

First I have to set a space template, which turns this:

into this:

This adds reverb effect to the mixer and “room” for the pan and reverb values.

After that in the stage template it’s possible to move the items or to apply an already configured stage template.