Stagger on two alternating tracks - Bug?

Wow, that is very strange. How many tracks are in the montage before you try doing this? All I can think is that this is a strange bug, in which case PG would need to know more details about your operating system, source files, and other details to reproduce…or maybe if you have more than a few tracks already existing in the montage, it spreads them out like this instead, but I’ve never tried doing this with more than one existing track.

Either way, I have never seen it produce that kind of result so it must be either a bug, or a strange loop-hole somewhere.

I’ve tried all kinds of different things, starting with one track, two tracks, etc, always the same result.

I’ll be happy to provide whatever info is needed to track down the bug! PG, let me know what you need.

I think what would be best, is a screen recording video to get the full picture of what’s going on. Also, always important is your operating system version and confirming which version of WaveLab you are using. 10.0.40 for example. I have never in 10 years seen WaveLab do what you’ve shown in the photo so there has to be an explanation. Could be the source files, a quirk with your OS/WL version combo, or something else hard to notice in screen shots and text only.

Win 10 v1903
Wavelab 10.0.40

Looking into screen capture now, will post as soon as I’ve sorted it out.

Alright, here it is:!Ar3W-MwG-a_i6XdTgLfAwkdhj-rX?e=evmkB1

As you can see, I tried with three different sets of files. In the second one I tried, it actually worked as expected. I’ve tried with other file sets now as well, it’s like 50/50 or something. Seemed to be linked with file naming (like “number” - “name”) but then that didn’t work with another file set so that wasn’t it.

Interesting. I don’t think I have software that can play an mkv file but maybe PG will see this and can figure out what’s going wrong because the 2nd option for staggering should only create a total of 2 montage tracks, and stagger the clips from track 1 and track 2 back and forth.

Changed it to an mp4, maybe that works better?!Ar3W-MwG-a_i6XjTRxOgEIw3l10G?e=3Xq8wB

Yeah, this video actually plays right in the web browser too, and would probably play in Quicktime etc.

Anyway, now that I see your workflow, I thought at first it was going to be because you are dragging files in right from the File Browser which I have never used before. I simply use the shortcut to Insert Audio Files and a window pops up to select the files. However, I just tried your method and I still get just two tracks.

I’m on a Mac though. I think PG will have to weigh in on this bug or loophole but if you do the Windows equivalent of SHIFT + Command + I to insert the files instead, do you get any difference.

To me this feels like a Windows specific bug or loophole that somehow you’re only experiencing or reporting.

This looks like a bug. But I can’t reproduce it.
I can’t detect on your video, the difference when it does not work, and when it works, at the second attempt. What do you do differently?

The only difference is the files I use. I could also add that the result for a particular file set always seems to be exactly the same, i.e. the files always end up in the same configuration on the tracks.

Justin, I have tried both with dragging them down and inserting them with the file selector, the result is exactly the same.

Wow. For the first time in 10 years, I had this bug happen to me today, and it was a 6 song project like the one in your picture.

I think I might know the problem. Did this project contain a file with a really short file name?

Today I had a file that was mistakenly just named:

And when I did my usual thing, the files ended up on more than two tracks like your picture. When I went back and correctly named the file from r.wav to a longer and correct name, the problem went away.

That’s very interesting Justin, I also suspected it had something to do with the names because everything else in the files I used was the same (sample rate, bit rate, all exported from Cubase). I’ll try it out over here today as well and report back.

Alright, back with some test results:

I started out with a set of files that gave me 3 tracks when importing. Changed the names to all files to “a.wav”, “b.wav” and so on. Got something like 6 tracks. Changed the names to 1a, 2b, 3c and so on, then it came out correctly on two tracks staggered. Changed the names to aa, bb, cc etc, same result with that.

Went back to the original files with the original names, imported all but one file to see which one was causing problems. In this case it was specifically one file called “Wolves of Ardeal.wav”. Excluding that file will stagger on two tracks. Renaming that file to something else, INCLUDING renaming it to “a.wav” will make the files stagger correctly. Changing the name back to “Wolves of Ardeal.wav”, back to the same behavior. Changing it to “Wolves of.wav”, works correctly. Changing it to “Wolves.wav”, works correctly. Changing it to “Ardeal.wav”, now I get 4 tracks.

Further experimentation:
“ar.wav” = 4 tracks
“rd.wav” = 2 tracks
“de.wav” = 2 tracks
“ea.wav” = 2 tracks
“al.wav” = 4 tracks
“at.wav” = 2 tracks
“el.wav” = 5 tracks
“et.wav” = 2 tracks
“e.wav” = 2 tracks
“r.wav” = 4 tracks (shoutout to Justin)
“er.wav” = 5 tracks
“erer.wav” = 5 tracks

Now, as fun as it is to spend the weekend experimenting with this, I think I’ll tend to something else for a bit. :wink: But I think we’ve narrowed it down to that the name is key. Also doesn’t seem to be the length of the name, but rather a combination of letters in the name, or specific letters.

PG, did you check if you could replicate this issue with the names on your end?

I did not check yet. It’s on my todo list, but I have other priorities at the moment.

FWIW, I have noticed that if I copy and paste a name from a file (for example a simple word docx) that was generated in OSX I can get weird behavior. I first noticed it when doing a simple copy and paste from a word doc and found characters gone astray in CD text and some other places.

But if I retype the same text in WL, it ‘works’ as expected.

Of course, I’m not sure that this is relevant to what you are experiencing but I thought it worth mentioning.

l. and r. consistently fail in your list (left and right?), but it doesn’t necessarily carry over into longer words ending in l and r.

It does (check the examples in the paragraph before what you quoted) but I didn’t figure out the pattern for it. But since you now mentioned it, I looked at the files that I was experimenting with. The only one that ends with l or r is “Wolves of Ardeal.wav”, the very one I had problems with. So, a bit more experimentation:

  • Still excluding “Wolves of Ardeal” for now.
  • I have one file called “Bleak Prismatic World.wav”. Changed it to “Bleak Prismatic Worldl.wav” et voila! Now I get four tracks. Changed it to “Bleak Prismatic Worldr.wav”. Same thing, four tracks. Change it back to the original name=back to the correct 2 tracks.
  • Including “Wolves of Ardeal.wav” again but changed the name to “Wolves of Ardea.wav”. There it is, 2 tracks. Changed it to “Wolves of Arear.wav” and I get 3 tracks.

So “l” or “r” at the end makes the difference.

About the naming and copying text in, I actually encountered something like that the other day where a band had an “Ê” in their band name, which I copied into the meta-data and got something else in the actual mp3 files. I didn’t try to actually type it in rather than copy, I should try that.

Right, in those cases and some other cases, but I’m pretty sure I tried it with some other longer titles ending in l or r (sorry can’t remember them offhand), and they came out ok, so I thought it was more complicated than just any title ending in l or r. Besides, it probably would have happened much more often if it was just a case of all titles ending in l or r.

Putting it to the test now. Using different sets of files, randomly changing names and adding in r or l as the last letter. In every case so far, the result is multiple extra tracks.

EDIT: Also, in file sets that have one or more files ending with l and/or r, I get extra tracks, and renaming the files removing the l and/or r consistently makes it work as it should.