Stagnation in the plugin market?

While DAWs keep improving in terms of workflow, ergonomics etc, it seems to me that the plugin market is stagnating.
Every user owns several dynamics processors, verbs, delays, flangers, synths etc. and there seems to be little need for more emulated consoles from the 1960ies, more emulated synths from the 1970ies, or whatever the manufacturers insist in releasing.
Even at Waves, sales seem to go poorly. They keep sending emails with all sorts of bargains for their stuff, but then it’s always another emulated console, another emulated compressor etc. I don’t need more of this stuff.
Plugins manufacturers should try something new. Stuff that doesn’t necessarily sound like compressor A in recording B from 1987, but something that wasn’t there before. Then I would buy again.

It does kind of seem that way.

Mangleverb from Audio Damage is the most interesting 50 bucks I’ve spent recently …

That company seems to have a fresh outlook on things. I have a few of their other effects, too. Good stuff!

Aloha S, and thanks for the link.

Yeah, this one looks interesting. Thx for the link.

Wow that IS different! :sunglasses: