Stairsteps in Waveforms

One thing I miss from Wavelab 6 is the appearance of the waveform when zoomed. The smoothed waveform and dots in Wavelab 8 makes it much more difficult to get sample alignment when aligning files on separate tracks. I know the stairsteps appear dimly on Wavelab 8 when zoomed way in, but between the layering of the dots and the smoothed wave and the stairsteps it just really makes it much more difficult to identify sync points down to the sample.

I guess it’s not proper to put stairsteps in waveforms anymore, but I found them extremely useful visually, and really wish I could hide the dots and the smoothed waveform completely, leaving just the stairsteps.

In WaveLab 8.5, this can be turned on/off.

Thanks PG. Much better. Did that make it into 8.04 also?

No, only 8.5

Thanks. I think I’m going to have to buy 8.5 anyway.