Stall on quit(Mojave, CB 10.0.15)

When I try to quit Cubase 10.0.15, it stalls. Have to use Force Quit. Everytime. Even when I don’t open a project, start Cubase and try to quit immediately after it has launched.

Tried a clean user account, trashed and upgraded the elicenser stuff, threw out prefs, reinstalled CB 10. All to no avail.

Cubase 10 on Mojave is a big mess for me. Even after waiting 7 months before attempting to upgrade. Logic Pro works OK, BTW.



On MacOS 10.13.1 everything is fine. Just as it has been for the last year or so.

I find I get a mixture - some sessions take ages to close but others close OK.

I can’t see any reason to it - it doesn’t seem to be related to either the size of the session, or what version of Cubase the session was originally created on.

Still there with 10.0.20, with all the other weirdness I’m experiencing on Mojave.

More weirdness: it seems to have to do with the hub. It will never connect properly to the Steinberg server, and when you try to quit Cubase it’s trying to close the hub and that never works? If I switch off the hub, I can quit. But I still have other weirdness that seems to be file selector related. (open/close/move around the file structure)
Trashed prefs again, but that doesn’t fix this. No firewall in use. Latest elicenser, AFAIK.

I have another vanilla user account that will connect to the Steinberg server with the hub. I can quit Cubase when logged in with this account. But experiencing problems in this account too.