Stand alone Audio Unit

Hi, I have an audio unit (“Granite”) and I am unable to locate the unit from Cubase and record input from it. How do one connect a stand alone unit to Cubase?

You mean you are not running it as plugin?
That’ll be difficult. I sure there are ways but you’ll need some 3rd party application to link the 2, or run it from a separate computer and audio interface and just record it’s output like that.
If you want to control it with midi from Cubase you can do it that way too.

Aloha V,

This is a question that would best be answered by the folks who make ‘Granite’.

What do they have to say about accessing their product from
within the Cubase DAW as a VST plug-in?


Hi, the response from Granite was that it is “not made to use as a plug-in on Mac”. Very helpful. In any case I use a different software to record Granite, export as aiff then import in Cubase…

I see.

At least you have figured an effective work-a-round. Nice work.

Good Luck!