Standalone application with linear knobs?

Im trying to create a standalone application that uses linear mode knobs but have a hard time finding a solution for it. The default knob mode is circular and it seems that the only way to change it is if the application has a valid “editor” and for standalone it seems when creating the CFrame it passes a nullptr as the editor.

Of course I was able to just change the kDefaultKnobMode to kLinearMode but that change is inside the vstgui repo and I would not like to track and maintain my own branch/fork of vstgui for just changing that property.

Am I missing something or is there currently no support for linear knobs when creating a standalone application?

My bad, I found the solution. There was apparently
static int32_t kDefaultKnobMode;

inside the cframe.h that I missed :stuck_out_tongue:

So it was very easy to to just:
VSTGUI::CFrame::kDefaultKnobMode = VSTGUI::CKnobMode::kLinearMode;

Inside my custom knob constructor