Standalone does not work alongside Adobe Reader . . .


I am trying to use H4 standalone for a gig . . . with sheet music as a pdf, open with Adobe Reader.

The first patch that H4 starts with (like 4th Dimension :wink: ) works fine . . . you can bring Adobe to the front, change pages, life is good. Now I load a different sound into that slot, plays fine, and then bring Adobe to the forefront. H4 stops working altogether, no audio, the graphic keyboard does not show incoming notes either . . . H4 only works when I bring it to the front, and now I can’t access the sheet music.
I know, you’ll say just memorize the music :slight_smile: , but I can do this with other standalone programs, like Kontakt and the Korg M1. Anybody else seeing this?

Thank you for your time.

Try going into the Preferences, and on the ASIO Driver tab uncheck “Release driver when application is in background”.

Thanks Mr Soundman - works like a charm.