Standard Advanced Editing Features

I don’t believe any of these features are currently implemented, so if so perhaps someone here could inform me. But first it would be fantastic to be capable of making a time selection and then cutting that selected piece of audio out of tracks, then simultaneously sliding the tracks on the right over to the left? I know I can use CMD+Shift+d on Cubase when the range tool is selected, or use the ripple editing feature on Reaper, and so this seems to be a pretty standard feature within other DAW’s and It would vastly improve the editing workflow on mobile. The other two big things would be either the ability to alter/add macros, or the implementation of a keyboard shortcut to open the mixer, and a keyboard shortcut to switch over to the “select” tool. These are just small things but they are repetitive tasks when editing podcasts that make it very difficult to embrace a full shift to my iPad, which I strongly desire to do in the next few years. Any advice would be appreciated!

Your first request sounds a bit like ‘Shuffle mode Snap’ where parts are almost ‘magnetic’

Is this not implemented in Cubasis?

Jeff Gibbons gave an excellent tutorial on this earlier in the week… sounds fantastic for programming breakbeats

Cubase Essentials: Shuffle Mode… the snap you never use… but should!