standard CD player

First - thank you for much clearer and easier to work with interface and new plugins and features.
It’s much more “pro” now.
But to the subject now - if I may suggest to add in CD montage tools an emulation of CD player which behaves as the standard-compatible machine capable of displaying CD-text or/and metadata. Engineer could have the possibility of double check correctness of written data which shows to listener of final product. It happened several times to me to mismatch file name with clip/track name and CD-text data/metadata.
Just to make sure CD-text will be displayed correctly.

Thanx … Victor

Hi Victor,

You can easily see all the CD-Text and ISRC codes in the “CD” tab (see attachment). There are also some transport controls similar to a CD Player to Play Next Track or Previous track. Aside from that you can look in the CD-Text editor as well as create a PDF report of the CD info and show various info.

I prefer to make a DDP of every project and deliver the DDP to the client along with a HOFA DDP Player using the HOFA DDP Player Maker App. This way the client can properly listen to the sequenced album anywhere in the world, see the CD-Text and make sure everything sounds and looks good before we proceed to other formats and CD printing. They can even burn their own reference CDs if they like to play CDs.

HOFA DDP Player Maker is very affordable, extremely easy for clients to use, and very stable software. Highly recommended.
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.55.47 AM.png

Thanks Justin for your post.
I’ve got your point and I’m aware of all you mentioned. I was thinking about something you can use before creating DDP or burn a CD, just an emulation of standard CD player with LCD display - piece of gear that average user uses to play a CD bought at store. It is just suggestion for future updates.