Standard Classical Guitar Notation with "Rhythmic" TAB?

Does Dorico 3 Pro have the ability to notate both Classical Guitar Notation + “Rhythmic” TAB for guitar? I want to see both standard classical guitar notation on top with “Rhythmic” TAB beneath it. It seems Dorico will only display “Rhythmic” TAB by itself, without standard notation on top as well. In other words, all I can create is standard notation with standard TAB, but not with rhythmic TAB. PLEASE consider this option. Myself and other guitarist would love this feature.

I haven’t tried this as a workaround but could you create two guitars, one displayed as notation, the other as TAB with rhythm, enter the guitar notation and copy it across to the second guitar TAB staff?

This would, of course, prohibit automatic updating of the TAB staff when/if edits need to be made but it might work.

A couple of people have requested that we make it possible to show both normal staff notation and tablature with rhythms, and this is something we’ll look at adding in a future version.

If I begin using Dorico for guitar tablature, on a serious basis, I would definitely want the option to show rhythms in both normal and tablature staves.

Glad to hear that!

However, at times I would want manual control over the Tab staff beaming rules so I could beam them differently than those in the normal staff. Does that make sense? Or is an explanation required?


I understand the request, though I’d be interested to know when it would be useful. As things stand you cannot beam notes separately between notation and tablature.