Standardized Stress Test

Unless it’s already been done, I’d like to create a standardized stress test for Cubase.
I want everything to be native to Cubase (not Pro). I see some tests require 3rd party plugins like Kontakt, which is why I want this to be all native plugins and processess.

Would this be useful to anyone? and any ideas of how to implement it would be appreciated.

I understand this can be a complicated subject, as different configurations stress a CPU in different ways, but I’m hoping for a “good enough” solution.

Part of what is driving this is that I’m having issues. I’ve done the basics, run latency checker, Why So Slow, and everything looks excellent, yet I have a project with about 10 midi track (EastWest Opus). If I leave just 1 MIDI track with Record Enable on, the ASIO load goes from ~30% to 100% drop-out mode.

I know this posts are tedious, but a standardized all native cubase test seems like it would be handy to some folks.



These are not MIDI Tracks, these are Instrument Tracks. It these are MIDI Tracks, but the routing to the CPU hungry plug-ins affects the performance heavily.

And also EastWest Opus is 3rd party.

If you Record Enable a track, this track switched to the “real-time” mode, because it expects live MIDI Input. So for example the ASIO- Guard is out of the game then, which brings much more load for the ASIO.

What should the test be good for? What should it test/compare? Who should run the test? When? Why?

Curious what you consider a midi track? An instrument track contains an instrument and a midi track is just one of many control and status ports to that instrument.
I’ll have to do my own research, but I’m surprised one enabled midi-intrument track takes me from 30% to 100%.
Based on the many many performance issue posts, I thought it would be handy to have a standard to bounce a system against. With inputs from folks, you would have a good idea of what to expect for a given system, also could give folks and idea if their system is an outlier on the very low side and perhaps needs some troubleshooting.

Search the web and for “DAWbench”.