Standart Midi cc to the midi remote

Hello. Will be great to have a chance to map the standart midi cc (like expression or modulation) to the new midi remote system. Is it possible?

What’s the use case? You want to use the same device for both midi-remote and sending CCs to the endpoint (synth, instrument track or whatever)?

I have Nakedboard mc-8 fader controller. And I am often use these faders to control my dynamics, expressions and vibrato. So about 3-4 faders. But I have 8. And will be nice to have other faders to control for example the volume of control room. And honestly I prefer to see my expression or dynamics automation curves under the track line and don’t in the clip like the standart CC. So if it will be possible I was maped these standart midi cc to the quick controls for example

I’m not an expert in the new midi-remote system, but I believe that I read that any controls not mapped in the remote, can be sent to another destination.

Have you tried to route the device to both a midi remote, *and * a Quick Controls destination?

I tried it. I am create my own script for the last fader and mapped it to the Control room lavel. And it works, but my first three faders still working by the old system I mean by CC1, CC 11 etc. But once again will be great to map the standart CC but I can’t see them in the list of the new midi remote map assistant…

Are you saying you tried to route the device to Quick Controls?

I can’t map the standart midi cc via new midi remote…

But I’m talking about Quick Controls, in the Studio Setup dialog.

Nope. Maybe I missed something. Hm…so is it possible to map standart midi CC to the quick controls? If yes, please, help and explain how.

We’re talking about using Quick Controls to write automation, because you said

Try setting up a quick control. Once you do it will become evident.

I will try thanks :pray: