Stare into the Face

Stare into the Face

Don’t think about anything
dream away for a while
the music will help you
images fade widely
tomorrow a new day
for everyone.

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Like It @Vanhaye, very cool guitar sounds…

Lovely playing, and great work in recording the guitars so nicely, although the lower notes do mush together a little on occasion. Good job keeping it all together without a rhythm backing. Not so crazy about the sort of “overblown” sax sound, but the guitars are creamy/good. I definitely hear a Mark Knopfler influence in your guitar sound, and that’s not a bad thing.

Missed you, Vanhaye, you are the master of guitar tones. Really love this one. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks everyone.
I have moved to France, 47330.
In the winter I hope to become guitar creative again.