Stars and Ratings?

I must have missed the fine print along the line, so…

What are the Stars and Ratings located in the Thread Title block all about? (on the forum)

It’s a bit worthless. The amount of stars is the amount of thanks that have been given to a poster in that topic, in relation to the highest amount of thanks a post has ever given. So it doesn’t actually show much at all, because the highest thanked post is at 18 thanks at the time of writing. check the thanks toplist.

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i wanted to know that myself !! :confused:




Yeah, it’s like the people at Steinberg want to create some “competition” among us so that we do the job their techs are paid for… :laughing:

(Please don’t ban me for this tongue-in-cheek comment. I’m well aware you’re capable of that…)

Hahaha - stay down low.

I think the drones are flying over your house right now looking for you. :astonished:

Oh wait - it says - :confused: - ‘Amazon’ on the side of the parcel.

Ok - Never mind!

You’re a star without the designation John… in fact, we all are! :sunglasses:

That’s my rating!

Good question as I too was wondering about the stars.
An official “Thanks” is a good thing. Showing the stars… not so much.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I want some of what your having :stuck_out_tongue:

My goodness, when ya login, ya get to see where everyone thanked the
poster, kind-a cool, kind-a weird. I would guess it will play out to indicate which answers are most accurate as voted (thanked) by the forumites drawn to that thread…hmmm, if I’ve got this right, that would leave the Stars and Ratings in the title block to give indication of the value/quality of answers given inside the thread which could then be found by reading the thanked posts. This could help with sorting through long threads for quality answers to the topic and may be valuable in the serious parts of the forum ie: C 7.5, etal. In the lounge, it may lean in a different direction.

So now with my new and enlightened understanding of Stars, Ratings and Thanking, I Thank all of you.

Hi John!

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hehe. That big boy has been in a few albums done here. Clients see it and have me play it in some of their songs. Mostly rolls and smashes!

I am a legend in my own mind :laughing:

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Thanks - you too John. :sunglasses: