Start and End repeats not working

Hi guys, I just added an End repeat bar line at the end of section D and a Start reapeat bar line, at the begining of section B but Dorico is not responding to that. Why is that? Am I skipping something?
Also I’m looking for Coda, Al segno, Da capo signs…where are they?.
Anyone knows?

If I recall correctly, both repeat playback (if that’s what you mean) and the special repeat signs you’re looking for have not been implemented yet. For the time being you can fake the latter as text objects.

Text repeats (Da Capo, etc.) have not yet been implemented and must be entered as text or (more likely) system text.

None of the repeat options play back yet.

Hi fkretlow and Derrek
Thanks for your prompt response.
Wow! I did not know that!
Hope it will be implemented soon…This is an important function, Essential I would say!
Then what are you guys doing until it is fixed? Jumping back and forth with the mouse?
I thought I wouldn’t have to return to Sibelius never more, but it seems that Dorico does not work at its 100% capacity.
Very annoying!!
I wonder what will happen when I save this work as a midi file? Probably it won’t recognize the repeats neither. Uhmmm!
Thanks again

Mostly, using Dorico to write music notation. Human players can read the output pretty well :wink:

And if you really need repeats for playback purposes then using R to actually repeat everything you’ve selected doesn’t exactly take long.

At this stage I use Dorico sound only for proofing. I do not use Dorico to produce sound files but will, of course, monitor this as Dorico improves.

Thanks to pianoleo, Derrek and Rob Tuley for your comments.
I understand. Me too. I first write my score (I was a Sibelius user…and I think I still will be for a while until Dorico really improves) in this case Dorico and then I export a midi file to that particular work in order to “produce sound files” as you said. That’s how I work.
Evidently Dorico is not ready for my working style.
I do not understand how something as basic as the end and start repeats, Coda, Al segno and so on has been left unresolved … I hope they do it soon. I really like Dorico a lot and I I would not want to ended disappointed.
Thank you all again for your time.

Mike, it’s quite simple really. The Dorico team started by approaching all the things that Sibelius and Finale CAN"T easily do - beautiful default engraving, polyrhythmic music, polytonal music, microtonal music, multiple flows in one file, multiple score layouts for one project, intelligent shuffling (with renotation) of music, etc. etc. Arguably these are the things that are going to pull people away from Sibelius and Finale.

Some of the more “basic” (but arguably essential) stuff has been left until later in the development process, but what you are talking about can always be worked around for playback (or MIDI export) purposes - just copy and paste out whatever structure you need.

Don’t forget that if you want to play repeats in Dorico by copying them out in full, you don’t have to create a different score and try to remember what you called it, etc. Just create new flows and layouts in the current project!

Actually, playing repeats isn’t so easy if you have repeats nested inside DC or DS constructions. Some notations packages make a mess of letting you specify what you want - in fact it’s interesting to see how many different ways other people have invented for “doing it wrong”. I’m assuming that when the Dorico team does get around to it, they will do it right, of course!