Start cursor quivers

I have a weird problem with WL9. When starting playback in any position with a shortcut (Enter) the cursor quivers, starting twice and repeating approximatively the first 100 ms.

This doesn’t happen when clicking on the Start button with the mouse. The playback starts correctly.

All the time reproducable, even after 1st try? “Internally”, the same procedure should occur in both cases.

Thank you for your answer Philippe. The problem is so irritating that we are working with WL7.
Effectively the issue is fully reproducible after the first try. It still occurs after each start and doesn’t depend on the cursor position.

I suppose that “internally” is just the same clicking on Start or using a shortcut for Start Playback (Enter in my case) but the fact is that the program behavior is different.

After reading your post I’ve tested the Space bar as Play shortcut and the start is quite correct, but I’d like to use Enter as is just the same shortcut we use in Cubase Pro 8.5. Which is the difference between Play (Space) and Start Playback (Enter in my case)?

After another look, I can’t figure out why there should be a difference.
What about F6 / F7 and F8, which are the special playback triggers?


Can this have something to do with Master/Slave issue with Audio Device,
if Audio Device is in slave mode then perhaps cursor behave like this/that
and if trigger(d) the Master is slow or not working correctly !?
just ideas here

regards S-EH

There is no problem with F6, F7 and F8. The cursor starts normally.

I’ve tried different the Keys sequence for Start Playback and the problem doesn’t appear but it persist when coming back to Enter as shortcut for Start Playback. Really weird.

Could someone make a test? It only takes a couple of minutes.

Concerning Audio Device Master/Slave I gather you refer to World Clock. The Audio Device was working as slave of Big Ben. I’ve tested it internally clocked and the problem persists. Thank you anyway.

I’ve found out where the problem was. I’ve simply cleared Enter as the key shortcut to “Start Playback” (I had assigned it before) and now when hitting Enter the cursor stars normally. I gather that assigning Enter to “Start Playback” originates a double instruction.

Thank you for your comments and help.