Start divisi staff in the middle of a system

Hi there!

Is it possible to start a divisi staff in the middle of a system? What I have in mind is something similar to when you add an ossia or an extra staff and you’re able to determine whether the extra staff or ossia should cover the entire system or just a part of it.

If this option does not currently exist for divisi, then it would be nice to add at some point. My main concern is that it is visually much more clear where the divisi starts and perhaps represents a more accurate picture of what is actually happening in the composition itself than it would otherwise.

Thanks for your time and help!

What it looks like now:

What I want it to look like (sort of)—this is only a quick photoshop operation…

No, that’s not currently possible except with some kind of fakery. You could have the strings as single players instead of sections, and handle all divisi by adding/removing staves at will. But then the entire thing is manual, and you won’t get the bracketing like you have it in your mockup. (btw, I don’t think the labeling is technically correct like this; it implies that only divisi 1 is playing at the start of the system! The default settings do exist for a reason…)
I definitely agree that such an option would be nice. The developers have admitted that, while it didn’t get much attention in the 4.0 update, an overhaul of the divisi functionality is somewhere on their to-do list. Together with a few thousand other tasks, I imagine.

Thanks for chipping in. Yes, I realise the second screenshot is not exactly what I need nor want but, as I said in my original post, it was a quick photoshop to show what I meant more or less. The final solution would be different but I wanted to graphicaly show that the divisi staff could start at the moment the divisi is needed and not from the start of the system.

The Dorico team is amazing and I realise how much they have in their plates. At the moment I’ll just leave it as it is. Much more trouble to do the workaround than it is worth.