Start, end voice to hide rests doesn't work

Has somebody an idea, what ’ s wrong. I used the same steps to hide the rests in another piece,there it worked.
Not in the recent file, not in engrave mode, not in write mode.
Thanks a lot,

Make sure you know which voice’s rests you’re trying to hide. It’s not always obvious.

True, knowing which voice is causing the rests is crucial. (Perhaps the rests should be int he same color as the voice.)
On the other hand, once I understood the voices concepts a little better, getting rid of the rests worked as advertised.

If you’re still having problems with this, How, by all means zip up and attach your project so we can take a look.

I expect the problem could be that the rest is an “explicit” rest, i.e. it is one that was created because the score started life as a MusicXML file, or because you have edited it somehow (e.g. changed its position, or input it using Force Duration). You may find that simply selecting the rest and hitting Delete is sufficient to allow the ‘Ends voice’ property set on an earlier note to take effect.

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Hi, could you have a look at this Daniel, can’t use start voice in one place and end voice in another place.
Just trying to do some different notations to see what’s possible.

Jesper (212 KB)

Switch on View > Note Colors > Voice Colors so that you know which voices I’m talking about. The red rests on the first system are all, as I thought, explicit rests: select each of them and delete them. Then select the D4 in the red voice in the left-hand staff, and set the ‘Ends voice: immediately’ property.

As things stand, the final dotted quarter rest in the light blue voice can’t be hidden because otherwise that staff would end up without any padding to the end of the music. You’d need to use the workaround that others have suggested of changing the colour of the rest and making it transparent to resolve this.

Ok, thanks Daniel, did try to delete them but will try again.


Noticed this before, the dot will stay visible when setting the opacity of the dotted rest.