Start in Cubasis; Export to Logic X

I’ve been looking for an iOS DAW that has more features than Garageband for iOS has, so I’m looking into Cubasis.

I have just started exploring it over the last few days, and it looks promising.

What I would like to do is to start playing with song ideas within Cubasis; it could be a loop, or it could end up being the start of an arrangement. But what I’d ultimately like to do is to move the files over to Logic Pro X in the end and finish the song there.

How challenging is it to make this happen? I know that different DAWs have different ways of making this happen, so I wanted to find out about how Cubasis does it.

Any insight and. knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated; thanks very much.

Hi velanche,

While we’d love to see you moving the Cubasis files to Cubase, here comes the workflow proposal…

Cubasis includes a mixdown option to create regular audio files in various formats.
Here you can also choose the option to create separate files for tracks.
Should work best to import the separated files in your DAW afterwards.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Ha! Hey Lars.

I am already overwhelmed by choices, having about 4-5 other DAWs ahead of me. That said, MAYBE I’ll find time to get to know Cubasis, but right now I use Cubasis as a tool to generate ideas and then move them over. I’m not gonna lie; lots of plusses, in the short time I’ve been learning it.

Regarding the mixdown, will all the audio files be of the same length, or will they be the same length as on the Cubasis timeline?

Thank you!

To export audio files at same length, please enable “Mixdown between locators” in the mixdown popup.