start loop earlier in media bay

I have some very long loops in the media bay and they always start near the end, is there a way to select where they start? i.e. the beginning or somewhere in the middle…

you can do this if you remove the tick in the “allign beats to project” checkbox… (bottom right of mediabay)

You can then click anywhere in the wveform - but, alas, - the loop will then not be “synced”

  • I would think that it is a future feature - along with that the mediabay should have a setting to take into account the “display bar offset” in the project settings… - or every loop is out of place

along with transpose, set loop region etc multiple files playing simultaneously…

something like what this guy is proposing would be perfect: - how about : one mediabay per channel? :wink: - lets not forget half/double tempo :wink:
another “elegant” solution would be to have a setting for : “when you press play, it starts on the next beat” :wink:

Things like this are important…

also, when you work in a loop one should be able to hear the full last and first notes in the loop if they expand out of the loop region but are still playing within the loop… - how else can one work on groovy loops within the loop? :wink:

Thanks. It should be a feature for sure. I think I’ve found another work around which is to sync to project and move the project courser to the desired bar in the loop (in the project). Of course this is not ideal because you have to listen to stuff in your project or mute all tracks.