start marker at object beginning


i came from pro tools to cubase and i really miss the function, when i click on a object in a track the start marker automatically jumps to the start of the object. does this really not exist - or did i just not found it?

no one?

By start marker, do you mean the cursor?
there are several combinations of key commands and preferences that bring the cycle markers and cursor to various locations based on how you click. For example ‘p’ puts the cycle around the object. I think the default behavior is to leave the cursor where it is unless I click in an open area. It’s been so long since I set that, I’m not sure if it is default or not.

In the key commands look in the transport section. There are a boat load of options for dealing with the cursor.

Select event/part; hit ‘L’. Cursor moves to start of selected object (if its the cursor (playhead) you are talking of)

vielen dank.
das was ihr meint ist das: Wiedergabe ab beginn der auswahl.
damit funktinoiert es. Allerdings wäre es schön gewesen, wenn es eine Funktion gibt, dass man gar keine taste drücken muss - das hätte in den preferences sein müssen - aber das gibts anscheinend nicht.
danke aber für die hilfe!

thx a lot
yeah the “L” short cut is what i need.
It would be nicer if the curser jumps to the start of the object i click on - but with the short cut it works too