Start midi tracks at beginning

I am recording using an old ensoniq EPS. My guitar player always has to get the drums ‘perfect’ when he mixes it down on his cubase. How do you either (a) move midi tracks to the very first point on the left or (b) set up cubase to start recording the moment you hit play on a sequencer? Also, once I have done that, is there a way easily to move all the midi parts up to one of the marker lines (2, 3. etc) for times when audio precedes the beginning of midi parts?

Thirdly, he said something about song timing - does cubase automatically record in 4/4 time and if not how do you set it up for 4/4 time? Every single song I write is in 4/4 time and that is the time coming out of the sequencer.

Yes, I have the manual but I can’t make heads or tails of some of it and it would have been kind of awesome if steinberg offered it in book form. :confused:


Select the MIDI event in the Project window, and type in the Start field of the Info View. But, it’s recommended to don’t start at in fact. There are some initialization processes.

If the Precount is disabled, Cubase starts recording at the moment, when you hit Record. In fact, there is 1sec (by default) pre-recorded buffer, to make sure, you don’t miss the real beginning.

The default Emoty project is in 4/4 time Signature. You can change before you start recording.