Start note entry - control-n opens new project box instead of starting note entry?

Everytime I want to enter note, I highlight a note or rest, hit Ctl-N, and it opens a new project dialog box??? Please advise.

Note input is Shift-N.

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Thank you, that would explain that.

A tip. Go into the key commands and delete Ctrl-N as Open new project. If you need a new project, use the file menu. I was constantly getting Shift-N and Ctrl-N mixed up when I first started. I’m not really sure why we can’t click on a measure (in write mode) and start entering notes without having to press Shift-N.

You can. Press Enter.

Or double click

But shift-n is more consistent :wink:

Building on what @MarcLarcher said, another tip: In general, get used to many or most of your big choices during music creation (signatures, tempos, note entry, text) being Shift-Something. That’s a basic idea of the software.

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Absolutely agree. But it’s another option. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, check out the latest Discover Dorico series on YouTube going through the first steps guide. I picked up a couple things as well. Very well done as always.

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Pressing Enter doesn’t work for me. I must have added a key command for something I don’t remember that over-wrote that command.

I still have to question why we need to press any key or click the mouse to start note entry on an empty measure?

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s about minimising the possibility of doing something inadvertently. Bear in mind that Dorico has a development team that formerly worked on Sibelius, where it’s trivial to start entering notes without meaning to, or nudge a note to a different pitch without meaning to. Why does it take an extra key to get into note input in Dorico? So you don’t do it by accident. Why does it take two keys to adjust a pitch in Dorico? So you don’t do it by accident.


What Leo said. There is a huge benefit to separating note input mode from not-note-input-mode. Behaviors are different, too… like right and left arrow.

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I’m just asking about a blank measure, not a measure with content. So what can one accidentally do to mess up a blank measure?

In the case of Sibelius, add notes without meaning to (and if they’re long enough notes, or your cat keeps typing, overwrite notes in following bars too.)

For me when using a midi keyboard for note entry, I like to exit note input and play around on the piano to figure out what I want to notate. In Sibelius, I was alway looking up to see pages of “music” where I was just rehearsing.