Start Note Input showing incorrect duration

In Dorico 5 Pro - when I press “3” or “4” or “5” on the laptop keyboard then the note durations change. That’s fine. However, when I’m in Start Note Input and press “3” or “4” or “5” then the symbol doesn’t change to reflect the duration. This makes MIDI input very unpleasant. I never know which duration that I’m step-inputting.

Here’s a video showing what’s happening. Can this please be fixed?

alt text

The “little orange quarter note” indicates whether the voice being entered is up-stem or down-stem - press shift-V to see the difference. It does not change (and has never changed) when you change note duration. The note durations you select by pressing 4,5,6,7, etc. are displayed in the Notes Toolbox (left panel) when it is fully open (ctrl/cmd-7).

For information on the caret, see:

And the reason for not changing the behaviour is that if the caret had to reflect longer note values, such as whole notes and double whole notes, it would be unable to simultaneously serve its main purpose, which is to tell you which voice you’re in.