Start or Stop Playback ( Play From Location: Selection ) BUG

I noticed that if you add a repeat right after a 2nd ending, the P command starts acting funny. Selecting something after that repeat makes the playback start from a place that’s equal distance from the start of the score to the distance from the repeat to the selection.

It started working after deleting it, but I was scrathing my head for a while and actually I would prefer to have the repeat there. I guess this wouldn’t happen in a normal score, but as I’m writing educational material where I actually would want the score to indicate that the student is supposed to loop the passage with alternating endings it messes things up.

A related issue. After a 2nd ending at the end of my score the playback jumps to the beginning and skips the first repetition. Again it’s caused by a repeat right after the 2nd ending.

Other than that I love how my workflow has become faster after starting using Dorico, so thanks!

Do you mean a start repeat barline, or another end repeat? Could you perhaps attach a minimal example that reproduces the problem? Thanks!