Start playback early (for a grace note)

I KNOW I did this somehow in the past, but for the life of me can’t remember how nor what to look up in the help files.

I have a flow that starts with a little grace note flourish (3-4 notes), but when I go to export the audio, it starts exactly on the first beat of the flow, skipping those grace notes.

Isn’t there a way of having playback start a fraction early (without having to add a measure which would completely screw up my score)?

Preroll in Playback Options


I’d never have thought to look up those words.

I’ll make a note of some of your phrasing, although searching “playback grace notes” brings up the relevant topic on the first page of results:

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Thank-you Lillie.

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So funny, because I’m working on Beethoven op. 135 and just got bit by this!

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