Start Position on Stop - Start to Selection Instead?

Hey guys,

I have this new issue where when Start Position on Stop actually now starts on a highlighted selection i.e. automation, highlighted audio on the grid etc. You can see that for like 1 frame on stop it goes back to original start position as the setting is intended but it then snaps to the selection. After some research I found out that the command ‘L’ does this on press so I thought maybe there was an issue there and deleted the command and it still does it. After turning off Start Position on Stop it doesn’t do it anymore so not entirely sure what’s going on but assume a bug??

Anyone have any possible fixes?

Cubase 12.0.70

FIXED: My friend did some research and it seems that when I edited video recently, it defaulted the option in Transport > Use Video Follows Edit Mode. I turned this off and it fixed it. Seems weird that this triggers when there is no video used on this project whatsoever!