Start problem with Dorico 3.5.11

Since I made an upgrade from Dorico pro 3 to 3.5 i have to fill in ([Buy Dorico] - [Enter Activation] - [Continue Trial]) if i use one of those buttons it takes 2 or 3 seconds before Dorico starts. In my eLCC all eLicenses (USB and Software) are up to date. Whay go’s wrong here.
I hope someone can help me out.
thank you for trying Dorico 01.jpg

Can you attach a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center window, being sure to obscure the eLicenser serial number(s), so we can see what’s going on there?

I send a screenshot Daniel.

What seems odd is that my eLCC specifies Dorico Pro 3.5 whereas yours is only showing Dorico Pro 3.
Am I right that you realize version 3.5 was paid update?

Yes, I’m afraid Sienstra1j that the problem is that you do not have a license for Dorico Pro 3.5. If you would like to update to Dorico Pro 3.5, you can buy the update here.

That is very strange, it all worked very well from 18-06-2020 till a few days ago. If I use one of the button [Buy Dorico] - [Enter Activation] - [Continue Trial]) than after 3 sec. it wor
ks. I’ll send you the bill, so you can see that it is payed.

You would have received an email from the Steinberg Online Shop (mine has the subject Steinberg Online Shop - Order Confirmation #-----------). In there, there is an activation code. You have to copy that activation code, open eLicenser Control Center, hit the green Enter Activation Code button and then paste the code in. I can’t test it right now but presumably you’re prompted to hit Apply or OK or something. Then launch Dorico 3.5.

Have you done that?

As you can see (If I use one of the button [Buy Dorico] - [Enter Activation] - [Continue Trial]) than after 3 sec. it works very well) If i look at wich version is installed than I see: Dorico - version
I attach a screenshot about my version of Dorico.

You have an All Steinberg Applications Trial License showing in your eLicenser Control Center. At the moment, Dorico is eating up your minutes and seconds on that - it’s a time-limited license that would have come free with another Steinberg application.

Again, have you copied and pasted your 3.5 activation code - the one you’ve paid for - into eLicenser Control Center?

Yes, I have copied and pasted my 3.5 activation code - the one I’ve paid for - into eLicenser Control Center.
Then I see: attachment: Dorico - version

I see “License expires 17 seconds.” This looks like a temp demo license.
I’m also surprised that your version says 3.5.11: mine still says 3.5.10

You should obscure your eLicenser serial number(s) in these shots, Steienstra1j. But it really does appear that you haven’t input your Dorico Pro 3.5 update activation code into eLCC.

Dear Daniel at Steinberg and pianoleo,
My Activatie code from Dorico Pro 3.5 Update from Dorico Pro 3 was lost, but I found it in my PC-Back-up after activated de code, all works well.
So thank you to help me out.
A happy costumer,
Martien Stienstra :smiley:

Great, glad you’re up and running now.