Start Project from the selection

Hi guys. I wonder if there is an option in Cubase that let you start the project when you select an event like in Ableton.
For example, when you select a loop, you start playing from this part of the project. Thanks

You can move the project cursor to wherever you want in the project and then hit play. The project will play back from the position of the project cursor (respecting any loop it finds).

Is that what you meant?

You can use the arrangers track, seems to do what you want…
Then hit “flatten the arrangement” button in the arranger edit menu, and the project will start right at the beginning of the loop.

You can make a macro:

Locate Selected Event + Start Playback - Assign to a Key Command.

You can double-click in the Ruler, and it will constrain according to the quantize setting.

Thanks guys for the alternative, possible solutions

im not sure if that’s what you mean,but anyway:
you can select an event hit Alt+space Bar and it will play from that event start
(its similar also with range selection tool)


Thanks brother for the tip.