start recording from the left locator

well, i know it is a stupid question but I still can’t figure out how to start recording from the left locator automatically in Cubase7.
Any suggestion?

Create a macro that goes to the left locator and records.

Or press 1 at the numeric pad. That Places the song position pointer at left locator. Start recording.

I’m surprised no one has suggested the “auto punch in” command. That’s really automatic. :wink:

Or use the rerecord thingy

Ohh :slight_smile: it was just a test to see if You where paying attension :slight_smile:
Sorry not trying to confuse anyone.

btw. are there still cubase 7 users out there ? :smiley:

That is the way I do it too, was just exploring the rerecord option when I saw this thread, my mistake.

There is also a setting to record from the left locator. I’m not in front of Cubase right now but i believe its in the transport menu somewhere near the metronome and pre count options.

Yes, and it is called auto-punch-in. :unamused:

I posted this FR 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago … and yesterday.

I just setup markers, hit which one I want on the keypad, hit the star key, simple

That function forces the cursor to move to the left locator immediately whenever you hit the record button. No matter where the cursor is, it will instantly jump to the left locator and start recording.

That’s great unless you want a consistent “lead in” for the musicians to get “synced” to prior to the punch.

Yikes, my reading comprehension is horrible this morning.

Yes, Transport -> Start Record at Left Locator needs to be checked.

Yet that lead in changes all the time depending where you are in the song and how much of that makes musical sense to get the feel and take. Carry on

Thanks to everyone. Finally got it… I did it time ago but had to reset C7… and forgot where I have to check to have it started recording at left locator :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all