start/stop plackback when Dorico not front window

I think this may have been discussed before but I can’t find a thread for it. Anyway, in Sibelius it’s possible to start or stop playback even when the main application window is not at the front. I find this extremely useful when checking patch switches for instance so I don’t need to keep switching between the VST and Dorico windows. I can’t find a setting for it in Play options for instance but maybe I’ve missed something. If there isn’t an option for it, I assume there is a technical reason for this?

When you’re working in VST plug-in windows, you’re actually in another application altogether, the VST audio engine, and so Dorico isn’t receiving, and cannot receive, any of the keypresses.

Well that is indeed what I’d expect. But it doesn’t explain how it appears to work this way in that other programme?!

Sibelius runs its VST plug-ins in-process, Dorico doesn’t. The architecture of the two applications is completely separate. What Sibelius does has absolutely no relevance here.

that’s precisely the sort of explanation I was looking for and had suspected something along these lines. Thanks, Daniel.

I find it extremely frustrating that when I am running Dorico, Cubase, Transcribe, and Media Player at the same time, and am deeply engrossed in the project, using all 4 programs actively, that these programs are just too stupid to know which one I am trying to start and stop. After all, I am looking a right at the one I’m interested in. I know which one I want the space-bar to trigger. Why do computers have to be so stupid?

:slight_smile: Seriously I do this all the time – and go through that same thought process every time, right after I smack my forehead.

One day there will be an eye mouse that will know what I’m up to.

I wonder if there are any programs that can act on a verbal command, such as “Play Transcribe from last marker”.

Is there a way to set up keys on the StreamDeck to start and stop the playback on several different programs? In other words, could I have a row of keys that do : “Play Dorico from cursor”, “Play Dorico from beginning of flow”, stop Dorico playback", “Play Transcribe from cursor” “Stop Transcribe” …?

Use MIDI foot pedals!!! Here’s how I have Transcribe set up:

Right pedal = Play, Center pedal = Stop, Left pedal = rewind and then auto play on release. By checking “Respond to MIDI: Always” this works even when Dorico is in the foreground. You likely will need to create a separate virtual MIDI port (I used loopMIDI) and a program to route the MIDI signal (I use MIDI-OX) but it works great. Shout out to Leo who gave me this setup tip a while back.

that’s precisely the sort of explanation I was looking for and had suspected something along these lines. Thanks, Daniel.

Thanks, Fred. Any particular foot pedals you recommend? I’m looking at the Nektar Pacer, which looks interesting.

Some of the others have expression pedals, which could be useful in Cubase.

I just have the standard 3-pedal piano-type setup that came with my keyboard. Obviously you could have a lot more options with something like the one you linked, especially in a DAW. My setup is pretty simple and in addition to the pedals to control Transcribe, I have a PreSonus Faderport (the 1 fader version) I use with ProTools. It would be cool if the transport controls could work with Dorico too, but alas no HUI or Mackie support yet.

I just bought a used Infinity IN-FTRUSB cheap. This is not a music pedal, but it is specifically mentioned on Transcribe’s website as being supported.

I was hoping Transcribe could support a Mackie control surface. I have the Behringer, and it would be nice to use the transport controls to drive Transcribe. But I couldn’t find any indication Transcribe supports any control surface protocol.

Anyway, I hope this isn’t too far afield from the OP’s issue. For me, that issue is really only irritating when I am using a program like Transcribe at the same time I’m using Dorico. If you have to mouse into Transcribe to play the loop, then Dorico loses the window focus naturally. With a foot pedal, Dorico should keep focus most of the time.

there is a midi plug-in for Stream deck (win10 only)
I’m using it triggering Amazing slow downer
you’ll need a midi virtual cable also

I’m perfectly happy to let the discussion develop in whatever way it will. Can only say that this all sounds more complicated than just pressing ALT+TAB!

One would think so, but I find when I am mentally engaged in the creation process, my brain goes rather dumb for the mundane things.

This particular foot pedal I bought (don’t have it yet) is actually intended for stenographers. But Transcribe recognizes it. So I hope my feet will be smarter than my hands. If not, I’ll have a $20 stenographer’s pedal available.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using a cheap generic USB transcription pedal (three pedals, actually) in tandem with Transcribe and Express Scribe for transcribing music for upwards of 10 years. It’s a great solution.