Start The New Day The Right Way

Feel good song written by our guitarist Richard Pratt. Any comments on the mix’d be much appreciated!


For this type of rock song it seems be ok…I don’t think you need advice from the production point of view or mixing, you seem to know what your doin ! regarding the song it does sound like he’s nicked the guitar riff from somewhere just can’t put my finger on it at the mo and it’s way too long IMHO…would be much stronger at 3.30 length, Kevin

The only thing that jumps out for me is that the electric guitar tracks seem to be over distorted just a tad. I don’t hear any guitar tone, just fuzz. In general they have that “Direct to channel Line 6 POD” sound. The tracks need some organic tone especially since it is a straight up rock style song.

Shadowfax - I think the intro might be reminding you of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”

“They’re all wasted!!”

Ha, thanks guys! I’m quite new to all this so your advice is really great :slight_smile:

We also felt it might be a little long, yeah, especially cos it’s pretty repetitive. Plus Rich wasn’t keen on cutting any lyrics.

And yeah the guitar man is set on using his Zoom pedal rather than his amp for distortion. Gotta try change his mind again!

Don’t let members of the band get precious about their music…Beethoven and Shakespeare did it ahellova lot better than us a hellova long time ago… to be stronger it needs to be shorter…Kevin