Start up Cubase twice

Hi all,
Lately I have to start Cubase twice. The first start stops I start Cubase again and it comes up. This happens every time. Then I must deactivate third party plug-ins. Otherwise Cubase wont start up again. Once it started I must rescan for plug-ins in the VST Plug-in Manager. When that’s done I finally can get to work. Very very annoying. I’m on Win 10 Pro, Cubase 12.04.50. Intel I7, 8 Cores, 64 GB.

Do you have a question?
Or is this just a rant?

If you need help, you should provide some more information.
At least your platform and the version.

You’re right. Some more information. Question is: Does anybody has some tips/ideas on how to get rid of this annoyance. On the other hand I must say that the update to 12.0.50 has certainly improved performance and stability in my case!

I was having constant freeze problems when starting Cubase 12 Pro.

What seem to have helped, was looking into the Windows logs. It showed an error (error number 10016) something about “Distributed COM no access”. So I had to grant permission to that file, as you can find explained online when searching for that error.

Your problem might be something different. But I definitely recommend to check your Windows logs for clues.

Does it happen, if you start Cubase in safe mode or if you temporarily remove the plugins from their folders?
I am 99% sure this is caused by some fishy plugin. By using the process of elimination you should find the faulty plugin.

Hi, thanks for your reaction. I’m doing this plugin elimination, you suggested, right now. So far no luck. But I’ve got so many plugins. We have to wait and see.

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You’re welcome! Try removing multiple at once, so you can find it faster!

For finding troublesome extensions or plugins – learn to do a split-half search.

Here’s a source: