Start up: necessity to choose Soundcard everytime..why?

I’ve become annoyed by the fact that on every start up of Nuendo I have to choose my soundcard.
My setup never changes and still I have to pick my Fireface UC everytime. Am I missing something?

Any advice appreciated.


I agree, I find this annoying as well, along with external instruments dialog which pops up if you have it missing in your template.

I wish there was a quick way to just load a template session.

did you configured it correctly in the settings dialog?
if my soundcard is present it gets recognised and used without any prompt…
it just works

if I turned my soundcard (UA Apollo USB) off then it asks…

“did you configured it correctly in the settings dialog?”
What do you mean? Is there a way to not configure it correctly?
I select it on every startup (after booting up the computer, with sound card on). It’s visible in the studio setup and the settings are always the same as I made them after first install.
I never unplug the Fireface so I don’t see a reason. The only thing that might be an issue is USB-C which recognizes sound cards in my dual monitors…
but yeah the Fireface is always on, so I don’t get it.

I had the same after installing on a new MacPro 2019. Here it was a USB thing. After using a better USB c to Usb3 adapter Nuendo starts without issue.

same problem on my system. Mac Pro 2019. I use an RME MADI card.
The other two sound devices are a Decklink Card and an LG monitor.

Had this,also.
After 20 years on RME gear it was the first time that, for some unknown reason, there were 3 RME drivers installed, at once.
2 earlier ones and the latest, newly installed. Had to search quite a bit. Never thought, it was so basic.
I uninstalled and re-installed all RME, drivers and card.
No problems ever since… Just a thought…

Help us help you, by putting in your sinature, your computer specs, OS, interface model, etc.

Which computer?
Which Operating System?
Which Interface? Which drivers for your interface?
Which version of Nuendo.


I’ve had this with this setup for as long as I have it (1year) never upgraded or expanded anything…
Nuendo 10,3 (and it was also with 10.2)
Mac Mini 2018
Mojave 10.14.6 (18G87)
I use direct usb a cable to my interface.

Fireface UC
Driver 3.16
Firmware v124