Start up screen gone with 10.8.3?

Not a big deal, but the Nuendo splash/start up screen is gone with 10.8.3 on my mid 2012 mbp
Now it suddenly pops up with the template dialog…

And the video service hick-up is still there in N6.03 :wink:


It’s the switching between video cards that makes the splash screen disappear. Those dual video cards on the MBP caused also other problems, see this this thread.

You can force the MBP to stick to one card or the other by using this utility: gfxCardStatus.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
Did Nuendo 5 always trigger the Nvidia GPU?
I guess it could be beneficial when working with video, but other than making it hotter I can’t see the benefit?


It sadly triggers the GPU. It is this way with the dual GPU MBPs. The “real” gpu is triggered way to easily even if the software works just fine with a MBP with only the basic gpu.

For instance VLC also triggers the resource hungry GPU.

The gfxcardstatus is a good tool.