Started getting "License for GA Classics will expire soon" message, Cubase crashes


Sequence of events:
Started getting it last night. Time remaining is ALWAYS the same.
As is typical for Cubase errors, the dialog box “OK” button was unclickable.
I had to kill Cubase using the task manager.
After doing a bit of googling on the error I tried to run elicenser cc; that puked on exceptions.
Tried again a couple of times; gave up, shut the PC down.
Tried again just now. Got the same results.
Upgraded ECC.
Tried again, same result except this time I could click OK.
After clicking OK Cubase automatically terminates.

Does anybody know how to fix it? I think this GA Classics thing may be the s/w that came with the UR24C that I bought (new). I do remember (I think) a license for it coming on a piece of paper but if so I lost it.
Strange that it would start complaining now. I’ve had the UR24C for three years.

Started Cubase (without clicking on a cpr file) and got this

Typical Cubase.

Clicking OK multiple times ends up here

I have raised a case with Steinberg support. This seems very very strange as a) I’ve had teh UR24C for 3 years, b) the stuff it’s complaining about seems to come with the hardware itself; why do I need a license for that? You don’t need a license for hardware, that’s ridiculous, you bought the damned thing, and what happens if you sell it? The seller is screwed? c) there seems to be no workaround - no “let me continue for now without the thing you are complaining about”.

Solved: I found the following page
which has a link to to request a new Activation Code for the basic FX suite.
I rcvd an email and entered that code and Cubase is working now.

Hmm not solved - Cubase is still crashing on me.
Very very annoying - no error message, dialog box, nothing.

I restarted the PC again and now Cubase starts.

It’s still crashing randomly when I open a cpr file.

If you’re using an USB-eLicenser dongle, please make sure that it’s connected firmly to the USB port. It might help to try connecting it to other ports. For example, sometimes the USB ports in the front of computer cases may cause the USB dongle to be loose and lose connection.

Thank you. The USB cable is as far as I can tell firmly connected, but perhaps there is some issue with the USB port. Is it possible to tell? I can’t remember if I read somewhere that when Cubase crashes it leaves a log of the cause somewhere.