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Hi Daniel; After some absence mostly due to COVID stalling performances of my compositions I’m back to using the software. Two things. 1. I believe I successfully registered for the new Steinberg account (well I’m on this page) but when I opened the forum I couldn’t see a trigger to let me post a new thread. Where is that? 2. I still have version 3.5 but despite opening my current version many times never get prompted to update to the latest version. How do I do that? Noel
Noel Fidge

To start a new topic, you should see a button New topic on the right-hand side of the window, below the little icon for your avatar. (I’ve moved your reply to a new topic for you.)

If you’d like to buy an update to Dorico 4, you can find it here:

Thanks so much for doing that. So I start again. I believe I’m able to install Dorico onto a second computer which I haven’t done yet. What’s the best sequence? Install 3.5 using my present activation code and then later install Version 4 (after purchase) on both computers.

If you plan to update to Dorico 4, I’d suggest starting with that. When you buy your Dorico 4 update, you will receive a Download Access Code (DAC) by email. On the computer where you currently have Dorico 3.5 installed, run Steinberg Download Assistant (download it here if you don’t already have it installed), and sign in with your Steinberg ID. Click the button to enter your DAC, and it will prompt you that you need to update your existing Dorico 3.5 license. Confirm that you want to update.

Now you should see Dorico Pro 4 appear in the My Product Downloads category in Steinberg Download Assistant. Select it, and on the right-hand side, you should choose to install the Dorico 4 Application Installer and the recommended sound content update.

When you come to install on a new computer, it’s easier: download and install Steinberg Download Assistant, run it, sign in with your Steinberg ID, choose “Dorico Pro 4” under My Product Downloads, and on the right-hand side click Install All to automatically download and install everything you need to run the software.

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