Starting a voice with rests - and 10-key keypad issue

I’ve been putting in some 4 part harmony on two staves, and have a voice that has rests to start the piece, but the other voice needs to play. I can get rests to show up if I force the rest there, but because the piece is in 3/4, it shows 3 quarter rests. Is there any way to make this into a whole rest (like the following measures)? Even a dotted half would be acceptable, although not ideal…

Next, the period button on my 10-key keypad doesn’t change my rhythm to dotted notes. In the keyboard shortcuts, it shows this as an option. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this issue? (Mac OS 10.13.1) (Edit… Just figured out how to assign custom key commands, so added it that way… seems to be working)

Does anyone know of a newer popover reference than the one in Dan’s FAQ thread? It’s still 1.0.10, which is missing a lot of information. (I know there is new documentation expected soon… just curious if anyone had seen a newer one than that one…)

(Also, does anyone know if we’ll get keybindings for the filter? The feature works great, but it is incredibly slow to suddenly have to change from typing to grab the mouse, and go to a very deeply embedded menu system to access it. Any thoughts or workarounds? (Also edit: I see how I can make these work now with custom commands… should be able to work this out.))


Rather than using individual rests in your Downstem voice, use the “whole bar” rest found in the Bars and Barlines section in the right panel in Write mode.

I don’t believe there’s a newer popover crib sheet than the one you mentioned, but if there is I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in shortly!

Looks like you’ve got everything else covered…

Thanks for that! It worked out perfectly.

I do still think having some additional implementation for the filter would be useful, as these shortcuts feel like a work around, but it should be good for the time being.