Starting chord symbol on finger 2 on iPad - impossible?

Hi all,
On iPad, on the shape shown in the editor, I’d like to specify that this shape is played with fingers 2, 3 & 4, the first finger isn’t used (it is damping the second string).
In almost every shape, the automatic finger number updating on the editor works well but can I input finger two (where it says 1 on the example attached) , or do I need to go across to Dorico on Mac - and if so then will my resulting custom shape be available when I subsequently edit this and other scores on iPad?
The functionality is amazing but I’m writing a book of tunes which use this chord a lot and I don’t relish opening every project on Mac just to go and update the G5 shape on 60 scores!

On mac, clicking on the fretted circle allows text input - but on iPad it seems to cycle between set options and in this case, starting on finger two isn’t one of the available options.

Thanks all, loving Dorico on iPad it’s incredible!


Just to make sure I am clear, you are talking about TAB fingering here, right?

Ah sorry I forgot to attach the image, should be clear that it’s a chord diagram, with finger numbers displayed within each circle as shown.
I’ve also noticed it seems like keyboard entry is disabled altogether on the edit chord page as I can’t edit the chord name either!

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Furthermore, non of the standard chord diagrams for Em7 are what I need, but the edit button is dissolved off screen and I can’t click it!

Welcome to the forum, Ian. Sorry that you’re having this problem. If you change the orientation of your iPad, does that cause the Choose Chord Diagram dialog to appear in the middle of the display as it should?

Hi Daniel,
I hoped you’d chime in, you’re the best!

No, I’m afraid the placement remains problematic whichever orientation and whether or not the lower zone is shown or hidden

Thanks for confirming. I will try this myself and see if I can replicate the problem.