Starting Cubase 10.5.20 changes the macOS output volume

EDIT: Cubase V.11 also behaves like this (if both macOS and Cubase are routed to the same output device).

Starting Cubase 10.5.20 changes the macOS output volume. Can this be changed?
(v.11 doesn’t behave like this).

This is something in your configuration…
If you are playing from more than one audio software you need to configure an “aggregated device”

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Thank you for the reply. It helped me figure out why Cubase 11 behaved differently. It appears that playing both macOS and Cubase from the same output device results in this behavior (i.e. the volume is changed to maximum at the start-up and shut-down of Cubase – at least on MAC).
I would still like to know how can this be changed.

It’s a setting in the CoreAudio Device Settings. I’m not in front of Cubase right now, so don’t know the exact term to look for.

Found it! Thank you, @Arne_Scheffler !

Studio/Studio Setup.../VST Audio System/Driver name/Control Panel/Set Device Attenuation to 0 dB