Starting Cubase 7 (32 & 64 bit) Stops all other graphics

When i start cubase 7 all other graphics (except Cubase) become inactive (including Windows Desktop, Start-bar and so on… No other graphics are visible) which means i can’t run or switch to any other program in the background. Only when I quit cubase does the graphics come back.

This happens everytime making the program unusable. It happened on the core release as well as the 7.01 release.
Never happened in Cubase 6.53. All graphic drivers and windows drivers are updated and i’ve never had a similar problem with any program before.

It happens if i run as “admin” as well as normal mode.

My specs:

Win 7 (64 bit)
Nvidia GeForce GTX460
Asus P6TD Deluxe
Intel Core i7 Extreme 980X
6Gb Corsair CM3X2G16008D

There must be something wrong with your system, because I can do everything you claim you can’t do.

I have often Cubase 7 running, while at the same time I search or copy files from my network drives using Total commander (also when it is partially overlapping the Cubase 7 window). Both windows are open and responsive. I can minimize Cubase 7 and search for something on-line using my browser (Firefox), and even use both propgrams side-by-side in some rare occasions.

I have no idea why you have problems, but a good guess would be faulty graphical drivers. Are you sure you are using the dedicated hardware accelerated drivers from the manufacturer, and not the rather limited default MS drivers?

Just guessing…

On one computer I actually have the same graphics card, the same CPU, but an Intel board and Kingston memory.

I run C7 with loads of plugins on Windows 8, all 64-bit. Works fine.

Like above, something is probably the matter with your system.