Starting Dorico Disappointment

I received the boxed cross grade, and successfully loaded my laptop and opened Dorico.

I understand the USB stick, if I decide to use it, will then be required each time I use my computer, permanently taking up one of the USB ports when I would use Dorico. In fact I only expect to use Dorico on one computer.

I was able to export one of my many Sibelius 8 lead sheets to XML and then XML to Dorico, but it stripped all of the chords. I understand from one of the releases that chords will be added soon.

I was unable to change out of flute (where that came from is unclear) to accordion (I play accordion), and unable to adjust position of staves.

Unfortunately, I will need to stick to Sibelius for a while, but hope Dorico catches up.


I ordered the boxed edition thinking it would contain a paper manual - I still learn best from print on paper. There was no tutorial nor instructive text. While there is no link within Dorico, I did find seven tutorials by Daniel on YouTube. They are a little rushed, but helpful. At least I know some basics, and am willing to continue a little less frustrated.

Understandable. Dorico’s still rough around the edges, but bright things are ahead for it. I’m sure more documentation will come soon. Did you get a chance to see the (meager) manual from the Help menu in Dorico? Go to Help>Dorico Help, or Help>Guided Tour, or Help>Key Commands. Slim pickings, I know.

Also see this thread: Frequently asked questions: try this thread first - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

I too can’t use Dorico as a composition tool the way I’d like; too many things missing. But I know it will improve and to me it’s exciting and worth the wait.



Well I tried, but Dorico just does not work for me so far.

I tried to enter a single line of music. In Edit mode my computer screen - a ThinkPad Lenovo T560 - cuts off most of the navigation items to the left especially. I cannot even scroll to many of them.

My attempt to input notes with a tie or dotted notes, just did not work. I was unable to figure out how to enter a quarter note rest. I was unable to enter a chord, or a second voice.

Until there is interactive training, I am returning to Sibelius.

Sorry, but I suspect I am not alone in this disappointment.

I should have said WRITE mode not Edit.


there are a lot of threads covering these issues…

In short:
“Enter” (to activate the caret)
Quarter note: “6”
Rest: “COMMA” (,)
Dot: “.” (dot)
Pitch: one of the Notenames (i.E. “A”)
Chord: “Q”
Second voice: “Shift+V”
Tie: “T” [Hit the T before you enter the next note]

It’s quite easy.

For more: Note input

Good luck,



Appreciated. That will help. I will let you know.

I was unaware of the site. When I tried to access help from within Dorico, my computer (Norton) advised it was an unsafe site. It did the same again following your link, but I allowed it to communicate.

Thanks also for the list. I was unsuccessful using the icons to the left of the WRITE screen.

I will also have to wait until Dorico allows me to enter chord names. I typically write lead sheets from which I play digital and acoustic accordion.


Derrek gave us his shortcut list, which also helps a lot:

The certificate issue with is being looked at by IT I believe, sorry for any inconvenience.

Ian, the issue with items missing off your screen sounds like a screen resolution issue, but I’m not sure how you’d get things missing - can you explain in more detail please? Does it also happen when you take a screenshot?