Starting hairpin between notes

How do I start the > hairpin on the 3rd beat. It jumps to 2nd or 4th;


Use the popover:

  • note input (shift+N)
  • move caret to 3rd beat
  • Shift-D
  • “>” and then press Enter
  • space bar until you want the hairpin to end

I tried the above, but after ENTER (after typing >) nothing happens. No hairpin is shown.

Edit: WIth the method above I can insert “mp” on 3rd beat, but I cannot make a hairpin.

After you press Enter, press Space and the hairpin should extend each time you press it

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Excellent! Thank you!

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You can also move hairpins and other dynamics to non-notehead positions (by increments of the rhythmic grid) after you’ve input them. See here:

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