Starting in Dorico 5, finishing in Dorico 4?

I have prepared a couple of projects on my iPad (Dorico version 5) and are now finishing them on my desktop with Dorico version 4.
I am aware that some things might get lost, which I’ll take into account.
They are quite basic projects - so I am quite confident things will turn out fine.

I do get a warning though: about a missing string in bar numbers…. and I am just wondering, were there would be a difference concering bar numbers between version 5 and version 4.

I understand you can safely ignore this warning.

Yes Janus, I am just curious, what might be in the pipeline, if something in the area of Bar numbers is changing. :thinking: :crystal_ball: may be consolidation of flows?

No, it’s just telling you that a set of options that was present in Dorico 4 has been removed in Dorico 5. It’s not suggestive of any possible future development.