Starting music on a left page

Sorry to be asking such a basic question but I can’t find anything in the manual which tells how to make the first page of music be on a left page. I could insert a blank page at the beginning but this seems to be a bit of a kludge.

Right-click on the first page icon in Engrave mode, and Insert Page Number Change. Make it display as Page 2 (in the second number field: “First page number”).

Thanks again, Dan. I must say that AFAICS there’s no mention made in the manual of something as basic as this. It’s not necessarily self-evident that changing the first page number to ‘2’ will move it to the left. If I do this in the middle of the document, let’s say displaying page 6 as page 7, Dorico doesn’t respect the even-left/odd-right convention and one does have to enter a blank page. It’s a bit inconsistent.

In Layout options > Page setup > Initial page, you’ll find the “real” way to do this. Thanks to Leo for reminding this to me during the December Discover Dorico session !

Wow, that’s buried, although not in an illogical place. I wonder if those two methods work independently of each other or if they take over each others settings. I’ll experiment with that sometime…

A page number change will take precedence over the initial page number specified in Layout Options.

It’s useful to have it there… If you have a piece that is two page long for each player (more or less), then you can select all the part layouts and make them start on page 2, to make sure nobody has a page turn. And the Engrave mode override can then be used if it appears it’s not the best solution, on an individual basis (I had that exact situation two days ago).

Very good. As usual, a well though-out function.

You can all look forward to this having its own dedicated topic in the next docs update… with a plethora of index entries and everything

You can always recognise professional writers, because they use words like “a plethora” instead of “lots”. :sunglasses:

That’s because they have a voluminous vocabulary.

And know a myriad [of] words.